It's that time of year where my Brides To Be are arranging and having their trials, so I thought I would I would write a post about preparing for yours!

Firstly, don't be afraid to say what you think! I won't be offended! Honesty is the way forward! The trial is for finding a style that you love and can't wait to wear on your wedding day so everything about it has to be right. Remember that (most of the time) we won't know each other so communication is key as I won't know exactly what you like or what you're thinking! If it's too curly, too high, too wide, too neat etc then let me know as we go along so we can figure out together how to create your perfect style.

When you look for style inspiration on line and on social media, make sure the person in the picture has similar hair to yourself. Colour, length, shape at the front, thickness all change how a finished style will look. High-lights and lighter hair really show off curls and detail in a style whereas on dark hair they can get "lost" in the shadows. Also, highlighted hair shows off texture much better than dark hair because of the exaggerated light and shadow. However, dark hair is great for smooth and sleek styles like gorgeous red carpet waves as the dark colour reflects light making your hair look lustrous and shiny! Another thing to think about when you look at the front of styles is look at similar shaping to your own: if you have a full fringe but have your heart set on textured quiff it's unlikely that we can achieve the look you really want that will stay perfectly in place all day.

Bring photos of styles you love, like and dislike to your trial to show me. This is really useful to help get an idea of what you're looking for. It also stops me doing a style you don't like before I do it giving us more time to perfect the style you love!




wedding hair, hair design by lisa
wedding hair, hair design by lisa
wedding hair. half up half down. hair design by lisa
Lisa Frost