do you charge for travel?

Travel on the wedding day is charged at 45p per mile from my home address near Beccles, North Suffolk, however the first 20 miles are free of charge!


Do i need to supply grips, pins etc?

Nope! I have everything in my kit that I will need to style your hair. The only things I don't supply are your hair accessories and extensions if you choose to have them. I can advise on where you can get these from though.


do i need to pay a deposit to secure my date in your diary?

There is a £50 non-refundable deposit to secure your date in the diary.


When should I book my trial?

Your trial should ideally take place about 2-3 months before the wedding. 


do I need to bring anything with me to the trial?

Bring photos of the style ideas you have been looking at, photo of your dress, if you have your accessories then you should bring these with you too!


Do my bridesmaids need to have a trial?

They don't need to have a trial, most don't! It can be helpful if there's uncertainty about which style to choose or if there are a lot of them as doing a trial for a couple of them would help to work out the timings and order for styling on the day. 


when do i wash my hair before the trial or wedding day?

You should wash your hair the night before it's going to be styled, if your hair gets oily quickly then in the morning is fine. 

Do 2 shampoos and 1 conditioner but make sure they don't contain oils or silicone and don't use any treatments as these will make the hair too slippery. Rinse the conditioner well and blow dry your hair as best you can. Avoid using any styling products and styling tools as ready styled hair is very difficult to change.  


where will my trial take place?

Your trial will either be at the salon or at your home. If arranged at your home then travel charges of 45p per mile will apply.


how long do you allow per person for styling on the day?

Usually up to an hour per bridesmaid/other guests and up to an hour and half for the bride.